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Curriculum Vitae

Hyeon Ju 주 현 The 22nd President of KIET
  • Education
    • Seoul, Republic of Korea
    • 1984B.A in Economics
    • 1991M.A in Economics
    • 2006Ph.D in Economics
  • Work experience
    • June 21 - PresentPresident, Korea Institute for Industrial Economics and Trade
    • 2017 - 2019Secretary to the President for SMEs, Cheong Wa Dae (The Blue House)
    • 2015 - 2017Vice-President, Korean Association of Small Business Studies
    • 2015 - 2017Executive Auditor, Korea Academic Society of Industrial Organization
    • 2009 - 2017Director, Northeast Asia Economic Association of Korea
    • 2002 - 2003Visiting Scholar, University of California at Berkeley
    • 1991 - 1992Visiting Scholar, Faculty of Economics and Politics, University of Cambridge
    • 1985 - 2021Senior Research Fellow, Korea Institute for Industrial Economics and Trade. Multiple titles and positions
  • Board and committee appointments
    • July 2021 - PresentCouncilor, Employment Policy Council, Ministry of Employment and Labor
    • June 2021 - PresentCommissioner, Korea Commission for Corporate Partnership
    • June 2021 - PresentCouncilor, SME Policy Council, Ministry of SMEs and Startups
    • October 2021 - PresentDelegate, Materials, Parts & Equipment Competitiveness Committee, Ministry of Economy and Finance
    • March 2022 - PresentCouncilor, Industrial Crisis Response Council, Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy
    • July 2022 - PresentCouncilor, Tax Reform Council, Ministry of Economy and Finance
  • Publications
    • 2015

      A Study on the Industrial Policies of Advanced Countries after the Global Financial Crisis,

      KIET research report (co-author)
    • 2015

      Manufacturing Megatrends and Policies,

      KIET issue paper (co-author)
    • 2014

      Globalization of Industries and Extraterritorial Application of Antitrust Laws,

      KIET research report (co-author)
    • 2013

      Current States of Individual Enterprises in Korea and Policy Tasks,

      KIET research report (co-author)
    • 2012

      Benefit-sharing: Practices and Policy Implications,

      KIET research report (co-author)
    • 2011

      Policy Tasks for the Shared Growth between Big Corporations & SMEs,

      KIET research report (co-author)
    • 2009

      Strategies and Policies for SMEs to Increase Sales and Diversify Customers,

      KIET research report (co-author)
    • 2008

      Policies for Reinforcing the Safety Net for SMEs,

      KIET research report (co-author)
    • 2006

      An Analysis of Polarization between Large Corporations and SMEs,

      KIET research report
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